Software Facilities

Along with scientific apparatus and logging facilities, the European Petrophysics Consortium (EPC) provides software for analysis and interpretation of data. While most relate to log and core data analysis, they also commonly encompass additional capabilities for discrete samples and mathematical investigation.


Corewall software is used to examine core images from Expedition 313
Corewall software is used to examine core images from Expedition 313. Image credit: Annette McGrath, IODP
CoreWall is a collaborative software development system that is used for stratigraphic correlation, core description and data visualisation. The software has the capability to display split core surface images from one or more cores, alongside depth-matched core petrophysical data and downhole log data and other images types (e.g.X-Ray CT images). It provides an efficient and organised approach to the description and display of cores. The high resolution core images are loaded on to horizontal tracks that can be annotated on the screen. It is possible to zoom in and out on the core, allowing for easier identification of lithological features, grain size variations, bioturbated horizons and lithological and sedimentological features.

Scientists interested in using the Leicester CoreWall set-up to work on MSP data should contact us on



WellCAD 5.2

WellCAD 4.4 Screenshot
Example of the structural analysis capabilities of WellCAD 4.4 software
WellCAD is principally used on Mission Specific Platform (MSP) expeditions where Géosciences Montpellier supplies the logging tools. A PC based composite log package, WellCAD combines comprehensive graphic editing mechanisms and data processing tools to ensure full well characterisation. The software combines excellent display, editing and analysis capabilities for well data, WellCAD and is now the standard log composite software in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Geotechnical industry.



Techlog 2018.2

Techlog Screen Capture
Example of Techlog's capabilities using data acquired on IODP Expedition 346: Asian Monsoon
Techlog is an industry standard wellbore-centric petrophysical application owned by Schlumberger. The primary platform comprises tools for loading, visualising and editing raw data, but the package also contains a suite of add-on application modules for more advanced data processing such as the Petrophysics and Geophysics modules. Techlog supports all types of log or core data and was developed for the aggregation and simultaneous interpretation of multiple data types from multiple wells.

Techlog training has been provided by EPC at events such as the BSRG petrophysics short course towards the end of 2015, and longer courses as part of the Pertophysics Summer Schools over the summers of 20162017, 2018 and 2019.



Strater 4

Strater 4 is a visualisation system that displays raw borehole and well log data in one intuitive interface. It includes sample borehole designs and templates that can be individually customised and can display data from multiple wells. The purpose of Strater 4 is to easily transform subsurface data into understandable well logs and borehole models.

Other software available to the group includes:



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