Martha Papadopoulou, Postgraduate Researcher

Investigating the long term evolution of intraplate basalt magmatism in Mongolia

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Project Overview

Although intraplate volcanic activity is responsible for a significant amount of magmatism, by its very definition, it is difficult to relate it to plate tectonic processes. At the same time, the mechanisms for the generation of intraplate magmatism are poorly constrained through geophysical and field data. This project investigates the mainly small-volume diffuse Cenozoic volcanic activity in Mongolia, focusing on the geochemical character and age of the volcanism. Another aspect of the project is the comparison of the Cenozoic volcanic activity of Mongolia to that of China and Russia.

The data resulted from this project will help assess existing models regarding the origin of the Cenozoic magmatism in East Asia generally and in Mongolia more specifically. Ultimately, this will help evaluate the geodynamic evolution of East Asia and also decipher the mantle dynamics and the origin of the youngest magmatic activity.

Research Theme

Solid Earth

Research Questions

  • What mantle dynamics occurred beneath Mongolia during the Cenozoic and how did these influence the magmatic processes?
  • What is the age and the geochemical character of the basaltic rocks and what is the composition of the source responsible for their origin?
  • Could the geochemical signatures indicate towards a common genesis for the Cenozoic magmatism across East Asia?
  • Did the magmatic activity change with time? And if so, how/why?

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