Dr Mike Norry

Mike Norry

Honorary Research Fellow

Direct contact:
T: 0116 252 3803 
E: nah@le.ac.uk

Research Group: Volcanoes, Tectonics and Mineral Resources Research Group

Research Interests

  • The chemistry and paleo-environment of mudstones and  black shales, especially the Oxford Clay and various Largastenen.
  • Radiogenic and trace element studies of igneous rocks, especially of the intra-plate variety, in the Hebrides, North Atlantic Islands and East Africa.
  • Magma chamber processes, especially  in the Hebrides and Tenerife.

Four Recent Publications

  • Carrasco-Nunez, G., McCurry, M., Branney, M.J., Norry, M.J. & Willcox, C. 2012. Complex magma mixing, mingling and withdrawl associated with an intraplinian ignimbrite eruption at a large silicic caldera volcano: LOS humeros of central Mexico. Geol Soc America Bull. 2012.
  • Norry, M.J. & Hudson, J.D. Submitted 2012. Elemental composition of mudrocks: detrital components as indicators of distant and proximal provenance of the Jurassic Oxford Clay.
  • Roberts, N.M.W., Slagstad, T., Parrish, R.R., Norry, M.J., Marker, M. & Horstwood, M.S.A. Submitted 2012. Sedimentary recycling in arc magmas; geochemical and U-Pb-Hf-O constraints on the Mesoproterozoic Suldal Arc, SW Norway.
  • Gabbott S.E., Hou Xian-guang, Norry M.J. & Siveter D.J.  2004. Preservation of Early Cambrian animals of the Chengjiang biota. Geology 32(10), 901-904.
  • Gabbott, S.E., Norry, M.J., Aldridge, R.J. & Theron, J.N.  2001.  Preservation of fossils in clay minerals; a unique example from the Upper Ordovician Soom Shale, South Africa.  Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 53, 237-244.

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