Funding and Awards

Dr Max Moorkamp


  • 2013 University Infrastructure grant to purchase three magnetotelluric Instruments
  • 2012 Contract from Geomar to explore feasibility of controlled source electromagnetic
  • 2011 “Joint inversion of geophysical datasets”, funded proposal to DFG, principal investigator
  • 2009 “3D Joint inversion of FTG, MT and seismic data in the south eastern Faroe-Shetland basin”, funded proposal to SINDRI, co-investigator
  • 2008 “Anisotropy of the Continental Lithosphere: Evidence of past tectonics or of active deformation?”, funded proposal to SFI, co-investigator
  • 2007 HPC-Europa high performance computing grant for joint inversion of MT, receiver function and surface wave data, visit to Utrecht 16/10/07– 10/11/07


  • since 2013 Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • since 2011 Honorary Research Associate at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
  • 2011, 2012 Outstanding reviewer of the year, Geophysical Journal International
  • 2003–2007 Hamilton Scholar at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies 2000 UC Berkeley Dean’s Honor List, Fall semester 2000

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