Dr Victoria McCoy

Victoria McCoyHonorary Research Fellow

Direct Contact:
E: vem10@le.ac.uk

Research Interests

Broadly speaking, I am interested in understanding the processes and biases of soft tissue preservation.

My current research project involves investigating the preservation of tissues and biomolecules in amber through taphonomic experiemnts. We are particularly interested in the role of resin chemistry on the preservation of cuticle, internal tissues, proteins, and DNA. This research will allow us to better understand the exceptional fossil assemblages preserved in amber.

My previous research includes investigating soft tissue preservation inside carbonate concretions, using a combination of taphonomic experiments, geochemical analyses, and fieldwork.

Recent Publications

  • McCoy V.E., Lamsdell J.C., Poschmann M., Anderson R.P. and Briggs D.E.G. 2015. All the better to see you with: eyes and claws reveal the evolution of divergent ecological roles in giant pterygotid eurypterids. Biology Letters 11: 20150564.
  • McCoy V.E., Young R.T. and Briggs D.E.G. 2015. Sediment permeability and the preservation of soft-tissues in concretions: an experimental study. Palaios 30: 608-612.
  • McCoy V.E., Young R.T. and Briggs D.E.G. 2015. Factors controlling exceptional preservation within concretions. Palaios 30: 272-280.
  • McCoy V.E. 2014. Concretions as agents of soft tissue preservation: a review. In: Reading and Writing of the Fossil Record: Preservational Pathways to Exceptional Fossilization. Laflamme M, Schiffbauer JD and Darroch SAF (eds), Paleontological Society Short Course, p. 147-162.
  • Anderson R.P., McCoy V.E., McNamara M.E. and Briggs, D.E.G. 2014. What big eyes you have: The ecological role of giant pterygotid eurypterids. Biology Letters 10: 20140412.

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