Dr Philip Leat

Philip LeatHonorary Research Fellow

Direct Contact:
: 0116 252 3938
E: ptl5@le.ac.uk

Principal Research Interests

  • Submarine volcanic and geological processes
  • Geological and geochemical evolution of volcanic arcs
  • Magmatic evolution of continental rifts and basaltic and silicic large igneous provinces
  • Generation of granites and crustal melting
  • Generation of basalts and mantle processes
  • Bathymetry and sea floor processes in submarine volcanic areas and continental margins
  • Crustal evolution of the Antarctic continent from petrological, geochronological, geophysical and sediment provenance data
  • Evolution of the Scotia Sea, Southern Ocean and Drake Passage ocean gateway
  • Active margin terrane accretion from geochemical data

Recent Publications

  • Marschall, H.R., Hawkesworth, C.J. and Leat, P.T. Mesoproterozoic subduction under the eastern edge of the Kaapvaal-Grunehogna Craton preceding Rodinia assembly: the Ritscherflya detrital zircon record, Ahlmannryggen (Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica). Precambrian Research, in press.

  • Jordan, T. A., Ferraccioli, F., Ross, N., Siegert, M.J., Corr. H.F., Leat, P.T., Bingham, R.G. and Rippin, D.M. 2013. Structure and inland extent of the Mesozoic Weddell Sea Rift, Antarctica, imaged by new aerogeophysical data. Tectonophysics, 585, 137-160.

  • Vaughan, A.P.M., Leat, P.T., Dean, A.A. and Millar, I.L. 2012. Crustal thickening along the West Antarctic Gondwana margin during mid-Cretaceous deformation of the Triassic intra-oceanic Dyer Arc. Lithos, 142-143, 130-147.

  • Leat, P.T. 2012. Geology of Graham Land. In Fox, A (ed), Antarctic Peninsula: A Visitor’s Guide, Natural History Museum, London, 18-31.

  • Leat, P.T., Tate, A.J., Tappin, D.R., Day, S.J. and Owen M.J. 2010. Growth and mass wasting of volcanic centers in the northern South Sandwich arc, revealed by new multibeam mapping. Marine Geology, 275, 110-126

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