Dr Katharina Hochmuth

Katharina HochmuthIODP Research Associate

Direct Contact:
E: kh355@le.ac.uk

Research Interests

I joinend the University of Leicester School of Geography, Geology and the Environment at the beginning of 2019 as an IODP (International Ocean Discovery Program) research associate. I am working here as part of the ECORD Science Operator (ESO) to acquire petrophysical data on drill cores as well as down-hole logging data. My current research focuses on understanding sediment depositional patterns and linking borehole information to other geophysical data such as reflection seismic data.

I earned a BSc in Geosciences and a MSc in Marine Geosciences at the University of Bremen (Germany) with a focus on geophysics and sedimentology. During my PhD thesis I studied the crustal structure and emplacement scenarios of Large Igneous Provinces  as well as their role in the platetectonic cycle. For my postdoctoral research, I refocused on sedimentary processes and paleobathymetric reconstructions especially within the Southern Ocean. I am especially interested in the interplay between the continental ice sheet and the sedimentation within the marine realm.


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