Dr Ian Hill

Honorary Staff

Direct contact:
E: iah@le.ac.uk

Research Interests

  • Near-surface geophysics.
  • Application of geophyics to mineral assessment, particulary aggregates.
  • Survey techniques in environmental and archaeological geophysics.

Four publications

  • Cheyney, S., Hill, I. and Linford, N. 2011. Advantages to Using the Pseudogravity Transformation to Aid Edge Detection of Total Field Archaeomagnetic Datasets. Archaeological Prospection 18(2) p.81-93

  • Cheyney, S., Hill, I., Linford, N., Fishwick, S. and Leech, C. 2011. 3D quantitative interpretation of archaeo-magnetic data: Adaptation of aero-magnetic interpretation techniques for archaeological purposes. Paper presented at the AGU Fall Meeting, 5th-9th December 2011, NS14A-04.

  • Cheyney, S., Hill, I., Linford, N., Fishwick, S. and Leech, C. 2010. Adaptation of aeromagnetic interpretation techniques for archaeomagnetic purposes. Recent Work In Archaeological Geophysics. NSGG.

  • Cheyney, S., Hill I., Linford, N. and Leech, C. 2010. Investigating automated depth modelling of archaeo-magnetic datasets. Geophysical Research Abstracts 12 EGU2010-11339

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