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Professor Sarah Gabbott

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My research is very focused on academic rather than applied or industry based work. Consequently, it has been funded almost exclusively through competitively won grants from NERC (£1.16 million in total over 7 years). In addition, The Royal Society, the National Geographic Magazine and The Geological Society of London and the British Geological Survey have provided additional funding for my projects. I continue to actively develop and apply for funding to underpin new research.


  • Royal Society International Newton Fellowship to Victoria McCoy. This funds 2 years post-doctoral research to work on the project ‘Soft tissue preservation in amber’. £95,963.
  • Chinese Scholarship Council awarded to Changshi Qi and Gabbott to fund a year’s post-doctoral research for Changshi Qi to work on the sedimentology and geochemistry of the Cambrian Chengjiang with Gabbott. £15,000.
  • Royal Society International Exchange (Russia). Awaiting final decision currently on reserve list for project: ‘How carcasses rot and fossils form: experimental decay and preservation in clays’. Principal Investigator. Total UK/Russia funding £24,000.


  • Palaeontological Association grant to fund Symposium ‘Rotten fossils? Experimental and analytical approaches to decay and exceptional preservation of soft tissues’ at the 4th International Palaeontological Congress, Mendoza, Argentina. £2000.


  • National Geographic Explorers Award in Research to fund drilling in South Africa and research on ‘The winds of change: did dust blown from a glacial landscape fertilize the ocean after the end-Ordovician glaciation?’ €20,000. Principal Investigator.
  • Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories to fund collection trip for amphioxus (travel, subsistence, lab space, boat time etc.). Principal Investigator.
  • Systematics and Taxonomy (SynTax) grant to fund ‘Taphonomic bias in taxonomic and systematic analysis of fossils from the Silurian Eramosa Lagerstätte, Canada’. £18,307. Co-investigator (with Mark Purnell).
  • Natural Environmental Research Council FeC Standard Grant to fund ‘Deuterostome decay – taphonomic testing of fossil anatomy and phylogenetic placement’. Co-investigator (with Mark Purnell). £551,943.


  • Natural Environmental Research Council FeC Small Research Grant to fund ‘Experimental decay of onychophorans - lobopodian anatomy and arthropod origins’. Co-investigator (with Mark Purnell). £65,959.


  • Natural Environmental Research Council FeC NIGL grant to fund ‘Preservation and taphonomy of the fossils of the Herefordshire (Silurian) Konservat-Lagerstätte’. Principal Investigator. £12,000.


  • Natural Environmental Research Council FeC Small Research Grant to fund ‘Exceptional fossil preservation in the Comley Lagerstätte, Shropshire: testing the phylogeny of Early Cambrian animals’. Co-investigator (with Mark Williams and David Siveter). £83,329.


  • Natural Environmental Research Council FeC Standard Grant to fund ‘The problem of vertebrate origins – comparative taphonomy of non-biomineralized chordates and the meaning of gaps in the fossil record’. Principal Investigator. £414,541.


  • The Geological Society of London Elgar Wood fund awarded to fund research materials. Principal Investigator. £600.


  • The Geological Society of London Gloyne Outdoor Geological Research Fund for fieldwork in South Africa. Principal Investigator. £865.


  • Royal Society Small Research Grant ‘The preservation and palaeobiology of Cambrian animals’ to fund collaborative work in China on the Chengjiang biota, and visits by Chinese colleagues to UK. Co-investigator (with David Siveter). £12,000.


  • Royal Society Equipment Grant to purchase a Petroscope. Principal Investigator (CoI Jan Zalasiewicz). £5451.
  • Royal Society Conference grant to attend First Australian Palaeontological Congress, Sydney. £739.


  • UoL Research Grant for new lecturers ‘The geochemistry and sedimentology of the Cambrian Burgess Shale’ £3000.

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