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Peer reviewed book sections/chapters

  • Gabbott, S.E. January 2006. Exceptional Preservation In: Encyclopedia of Life Science. John Wiley and Sons, Ltd, Chichester,
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Pedagogic articles

  • Gabbott, S.E. 2006. Exceptional Preservation: Windows on to the evolution of life. Teaching Earth Science 31(1): 11-14.
  • Alvanides, S.,  Davis, S. Gabbott, S.E. Gallagher, C. Harris, F. North, P. Tuckwell, G. Wilson, M. 2003. Pedagogic Research: The new frontier? LTSN Learning Teaching Science Network: Geography Earth and Environmental Sciences, 3, 11-12.

Public understanding of science articles

  • Williams, V., M. A. Purnell, and Gabbott, S.E. 2006. Dental microwear in dinosaurs: a comparative analysis of polysiloxane replication. Dental Practice, 44:22-23.
  • Gabbott, S.E. and J. Zalasiewicz. 1999. The Quick and the Dead. New Scientist, 2189: 44-48.

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