Research Awards and Grants

Professor Sarah J. Davies

Research Awards

2015 Recipient of the Coke Medal of the Geological Society of London

2007 British Sedimentology Research Group Award recognising noteworthy published research in any field of sedimentology.

2007 Award of Excellence from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists for a Top 10 Poster presentation at the 2007 Annual Convention. "Geochemical Controls on Petrophysical Responses and Properties S.J. Davies, T.S. Brewer, J. Macquaker, & M. Lovell".

Research Grants

From 2008 to date, I have generated over £8.4 million in funding from NERC, industry, the British Geological Survey, Nuffield and the Royal Society, amongst others. Grants support research projects, equipment and staff, including Postdoctoral Research Associates, Researchers, PhD students and Masters students.

2008-2017 NERC/ECORD ongoing until 2019: Provision of logging and petrophysical research for the Mission Specific Platforms within the International Ocean Discovery Program.

2012-2017 NERC Consortium Grant: The Mid-Palaeozoic biotic crisis: setting the trajectory of tetrapod evolution. Consortium lead by Dr Jenny Clack (University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge) and involving the Universities of Leicester and Southampton, the British Geological Survey and the National Museum of Scotland (NE/J020729/1)

2016-2017 NERC UK-IODP Moratorium Award: A Petrophysical Predictor for Degree of Serpentinzation (NE/N01684X/1; RP14G0245)

2016 NERC Isotope Geosciences Facilities Steering Committee (NIGFSC) Grant IP-1614-0516 In-kind analyses. Understanding the Distribution of Organic Matter in the Bowland Shale, Craven Basin UK

2016 NERC Isotope Geosciences Facilities Steering Committee (NIGFSC) Grant IP-1566-1115 In-kind analyses. Understanding the Effects of Modern Weathering on the Organic Geochemical Characteristics of Organic-rich Mudstone and Siltstone Successions

2015 NERC Isotope Geosciences Facilities Steering Committee (NIGFSC) Grant. IP-1476-1114 In-kind analyses. Equatorial sea surface temperature seasonality in the Mississippian (Carboniferous) derived from brachiopod shell carbonate.

2014-2015 NERC Knowledge Exchange Funding Embedding a petrophysical vocabulary and petrophysical concepts within the petroleum geoscience community; towards a virtual learning capability NE/M007200/1. With Professor Mike Lovell (Lead)

2014-2017 NERC Knowledge Exchange Funding A guide to petrophysical models for shale gas reservoirs based on sensitivity analysis of key variables (NE/M007197/1). With Professor Mike Lovell (Lead)

2015-2016 NERC Knowledge Exchange Funding CASCADE - UK Carboniferous Shale Resource Assessment, Characterization and Development Evaluation (NE/M007286/1) Prof Kevin Taylor (Manchester - Lead)

2008-2014 Columbia University: Provision of logging and petrophysical research for the Riserless Vessel (JOIDES Resolution) in the International Ocean Discovery Program.

2009 NERC IODP Post-Cruise: Lithostratigraphy determination and mineralogical variation of subduction input sediments from wireline log data: NanTroSEIZE IODP Expedition 322. With Professor Mike Lovell; for Joanne Tudge (NE/H013636/1)

2009 NERC IODP Post-Cruise: Physical Properties of Cenozoic Carbonate sediments: determining cyclicity & heterogeneity from core and downhole data (IODP Expedition 320). With Professor Mike Lovell (NE/H003258/1)

2007 NERC IODP Post-Cruise Support: Lithostratigraphy determination and characteristics from logging while drilling data: NanTroSEIZE IODP expedition 314. With Professor Mike Lovell

2007 Royal Society Conference Grant to attend GSA in Denver, 2007

2007 GSA International Travel Grant to attend GSA in Denver, 2007

2004 NERC CONNECT B "Geological and geophysical investigations into active processes of intracontinental transpressional basin development" (with Dr Cunningham (PI), Professors England & Maguire)

2003 UK Commonwealth Fellowship for Dr Farooqui

2000 University Research GrantVegetation-sedimentation interactions on palaeoequatorial Carboniferous floodplains

2000 Nuffield Awards to Newly Appointed Lecturers in Science, Engineering and Mathematics. “The spatial and temporal response of low latitude marine systems to high frequency sea-level fluctuations driven by climate change.

1998 BGS Contract Grant. “High resolution biostratigraphy in the Llandovery of the Southern Uplands” with Dr. Susan Rigby

Professional Activities, Awards & Invited Presentations

2015-2017 Member of Geology’s Editorial Board

2008-2011 Member of the NERC Peer Review College

2010-2011 British Sedimentology Research Group Awards Secretary

2003-2006 Chair of the British Sedimentological Research Group

2016 Invited speaker at the annual Oxford Colloquium

2014 Invited Keynote 'Exploring the dark recesses of the Carboniferous sedimentary record'. British Sedimentological Research Group Annual Meeting, Nottingham, Abstracts Volume, p.78

2007 Invited oral and poster presentation. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Annual Conference, USA

2005 Invited oral presentation. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, USA. National Science Foundation-sponsored workshop “The late Paleozoic Gondwanan Ice Age: Towards a more Refined Understanding of Timing, Duration, and Character”.

2003 Highly cited paper. SJ Davies, & MR Gibling. Architecture of coastal and alluvial deposits in an extensional basin: the Carboniferous Joggins Formation of eastern Canada. was one of three papers that were the most highly cited articles published in the journal Sedimentology in 2003.

2001 Invited presentation. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Annual Conference, USA.  Session: 'Sedimentary responses to tectonics: linking process to stratigraphy.’

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