Professor Mike Branney

Mike BranneyProfessor of Volcanology

Tel: +44 (0)116 252 3647 


Personal details

Convened conferences

2007 - Convener and leader, IAVCEI Commission on Explosive Volcanism workshop on ‘Density Currents and Topography’, Medano, Tenerife.

Brought together numerical modellers, experimentalists, sedimentologists and field volcanologists from seven countries to consider the response of density currents to slopes.

2006 - Co-leader of the George Walker Memorial 40th Anniversary Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group Fieldtrip to Tenerife, January 12-19, With Brown (Bristol University) and Barry (Open University).

2006 - Co-convener, HOTSPOT Scientific drilling of the Snake River Plain. Inaugural Meeting May 12-17, 2006, Twin Falls, Idaho. International Continental Drilling Program. 60 Participants from six countries.

2004 - Symposium convener and co-Chair 'Large Explosive Eruptions and Sedimentation' at Penrose Conference on 'Neogene continental margin volcanism', Metepec, Puebla, Mexico, January 2004.

Recent invited presentations

2015 - Invited keynote lecture ‘Welding and rheomorphism in tuffs’. VERTIGO, Vilaflore, Tenerife.

2014 - Invited keynote lecture and fieldcourse leader, ‘Structural deformation of ignimbrites’. Workshop on Peralkaline volcanism at Pantelleria, Associana di Vulanologia Italia.

2013 - Invited keynote 'Field evidence for the behaviour of pyroclastic density currents' VMSG AGM, Bristol.

2012 - Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Award for 2012-13 (to be presented at VMSG AGM, Jan 2013, with keynote address).

2012 - Invited speaker, 'Recent advances on rhyolitic super-eruptions in the central Snake River Plain'. HOTSPOT ICDP/DOE Spring Meeting, Logan, Utah USA.

2012 - Invited speaker, ‘Explosive super-eruptions: how big is the threat?’ De La Beche Symposium on Cataclysmic Geohazards, Imperial College, London

2012 - Invited speaker, ‘Miocene super-eruptions and the HOTSPOT deep drill hole’. First UK ICDP conference, BGS, Keyworth.

2011 - Co-leader: 'Inside Langdale and Scafell calderas. English Lake District'. V.M.S.G. Geol.Soc. London Field trip, May 22-25, 2011.

2010 - Invited participant, NERC-Workshop ‘Resilience to Volcanic and Tsunami Hazards within Indigenous Communities in Archipelago Nations’.

Invited Keynote, 'Integrating numerical and laboratory models of explosive eruptions with field observations: understanding pyroclastic transport', Prescott, Arizona (for March 2007)

Invited short-course presenter, Iceland - 'Recent developments in explosive volcanism'  Commission on Explosive Volcanism Short Course co-presented by an invited panel of experts. IAVCEI General Assembly, Iceland, August 23-24.

Invited Keynote lecturer at Joint Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM) and The Geological Society of Korea National Workshop on 'Recent Advances in Volcanology', Daejeon, Korea. Presented two-day short-course including 'Understanding giant explosive eruptions: a forensic approach to elucidate catastrophic processes.' Easter 2006.

2006 - Distinguished Visiting Lecturer, Universidad Autonomica Mexico (UNAM): 'Understanding giant eruptions,  pyroclastic density currents, ignimbrites

2005 - Invited keynote Speaker and Symposium convener at Penrose Conference on 'Neogene continental margin volcanism'. Metapec, Mexico.

2003 - Invited speaker: Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences Workshop on 'Geophysical Granular and Particle-Laden Flows'. Bristol.

2002 - Invited lecturer: Arthur Holmes Geological Society, Durham University, also Open University, Herdman Symposium, Liverpool University

Invited lecturer, GEOTOPE, Universite de Montreal, Canada

Invited lecturer, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Invited lecturer, Geological Society of Ireland (lectures in Dublin and Galway).

International collaboration

I collaborate with:

  • Bill Bonnichsen (U of Idaho, USA)
  • Marty Godchaux (Idaho Geological Survey, USA)
  • Mike McCurry (ISU, USA)
  • Stephen Self (US NRC, Washington, USA)
  • Pamela Raine (ExxonMobil, USA)
  • Graham Andrews (UBC, Canada)
  • Scott Bryan (Yale, USA)
  • Malcolm Pringle (MIT, USA)
  • Gerardo Aguirre (UNAM, Mexico)
  • Gerardo Carrasco-Núñez (UNAM, Mexico)
  • Mike Storey (Roskilde University, Denmark)
  • Jim Cole (Canterbury, NZ)
  • Park K-H (KIGAM, Korea)
  • Sohn, Y-K (Gyeongsang, Korea)

In the UK, I collaborate with

  • Peter Kokelaar and John Piper (Liverpool)
  • Richard Brown (Bristol)
  • Tiffany Barry (University of Leicester)
  • Bill Owens (Birmingham)
  • Conall MacNiocaill (Oxford)

Mike McCurry (ISU, USA) and Gerardo Carrasco-Núñez (UNAM Mexico) came to Leicester as sabbatical visitors to work with me from July 2007 to January 2008.


  • Field techniques, and field courses in Wales and Tenerife
  • Physical volcanology
  • Stratigraphy
  • Sedimentology
  • Geological map interpretation


Knott, T.R., BRANNEY, M.J., Reichow, M.K., Finn, D.R., Coe, R.S., Storey, M., Bonnichsen,B. 2016. Rheomorphic ignimbrites of the Rogerson Formation, central Snake River Plain, USA: record of mid-Miocene rhyolitic explosive eruptions and associated crustal subsidence along the Yellowstone hotspot-track. Bulletin of Volcanology 78: 4 Article 23  doi: 10.1007/s00445-016-1003-x

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Physical volcanology, using sedimentology and structural techniques for the forensic study of catastrophic processes:

  • Large explosive eruptions:
    • eruption mechanisms
    • Snake-River type super-eruptions
    • sedimentary responses
    • environmental effects
    • interaction with changing climate and sea-level
    • towards hazard assessment
  • Catastrophic sedimentation:
    • transport and depositional mechanisms of pyroclastic density currents
    • turbidity currents
    • lahars
    • hyperconcentrated floods
    • debris flows
    • giant debris-avalanches
    • granular flows
  • Volcanic structures:
    • structure and mechanics of caldera subsidence - piecemeal foundering and block tilting
    • influences of tectonism and crustal rheology
    • effects on eruptive behaviour
  • Flow structures in lavas and rheomorphic ignimbrites:
    • kinematics of ductile deformation of very hot welded tuffs
    • silicic and mafic lavas
    • magma in dykes
  • Field areas include:
    • Snake River-Yellowstone Province, USA
    • Canary Islands, Spain
    • Central Mexico Volcanic Belt
    • Pantelleria, Italy
    • Lake District, UK
    • Mount Pinatubo, Philippines

Funding and awards

Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Award for 2012-13

2012 - Chronology of proximal ignimbrites from the HOTSPOT deep drill core, Snake River USA: implications for frequency and sizes of explosive super-eruptions at a continental LIP (IP-1311-0512; NERC IGFSC application, £47,800 in kind; collaboration with T Knott, M Reichow, and D Barford)

2011 - Timing and sources of voluminous low delta O rhyolite magmas in the Snake River, USA. IMF437/0511 £20,000 in kind to use the NERC ion probe at Edinburgh (PI: Branney, in collaboration with M Reichow and John Craven).

2010 - US$ 1 million ‘HOTSPOT: The Snake River Scientific Drilling Project - Tracking the Yellowstone Plume Through Space and Time’. PI's: Shervais (Utah); Hanan; Branney; Holtz; Erzinger; Schmitt.

2009 - Influence of fracturing on the scale and frequency of explosive eruptions at large caldera volcanoes NERC IGF IP-1095-0509; £17,000 in kind.

2008 - Scales and frequencies of 'Snake River-type' explosive super-eruptions from the Yellowstone hot-spot track’. PI: Branney. NE/G005372/1 £558,441 NERC Standard Grant.

2008 - HOTSPOT: The Snake River Scientific Drilling Project - Tracking the Yellowstone Plume Through Space and Time. JW Shervais (PD), BB Hanan, MJ Branney, AF Holtz, J Erzinger, D Schmitt  US $2,420,000 over 4 years requested from ICDP. Estimated total budget (including funds from other sources US$4,841,043 over 4 years)

2007 - Volatiles in unusual ‘Snake River-type’ high mass-flux rhyolite eruptions in Idaho, USA. NERC £10,000. IMF306/0507 for ion microprobe work at Edinburgh.  PI: Branney;  collaborators  Dr T.L. Barry (OU) and BS Ellis.

2006 - Intermediate depth drilling of the Snake River Plain: tracking the Yellowstone Hotspot through space and  time. ICDC Workshop Proposal. PI’s: Shervais J, Branney MJ , Geist D, Hanan B, Hughes S, Prokopenko  A, Williams D, $48,000 for workshop.

2005 - Scale and timing of silicic super-eruptions in central Snake River Volcanic Province NERC NIGL-SUERC.

for Ar-Ar dating (PI: Branney; collaboration with Dr T.L. Barry, Open University, and SUERC). £17,330 IP/849/0505.

2005 - Compositional zoning and the assembly of large ignimbrite sheets during explosive eruptions. UNAM (Mexico) – Leicester (UK) scientist exchange scheme; M. Branney and G. Carrasco-Núñez.

2003 - The palaeontology of Quaternary tephra deposits of southern Tenerife. NERC IP/808/1103 NIGL-SUERC Steering Committee for Ar-Ar dating (with C. Pannell, University of Glasgow, M. Pringle MIT).

1995 - Physical volcanology and genesis of the Iberian massive sulphides Fellowship, Geological Society of London. (c. £80,000 over 3 years).

1992-5 - Emplacement of the 1991 ignimbrite at Mount Pinatubo Volcano, Philippines National Science Foundation; $193K, to S. Self (PI; Hawaii University, USA), M.J. Branney (VR; 4 months salary), and R.C. Torres (RA; PHIVOLCS, Philippines). Sept. 1995-97.

1992 - Eruption and sedimentation of compositionally zoned ignimbrite, Acatlán, Mexico. NERC Small Grant to Branney and Kokelaar.

1992-3 - Sedimentation from particulate density currents, with special application to pyroclastic flows and surges. NERC Small Grant to Druitt (PI), Branney & Alexander.
1992 Origin and sedimentation of ice-bearing lahars, 1991 eruption of Volcán Hudson, Chile. NERC Small Grant to Branney (PI) and Gilbert (Co-PI).

1992 - Clastic sedimentation following the 1991 eruptions of Hudson Volcano, Southern Chile The Royal Society. Branney (PI) and Gilbert (Co-PI)

1990-4 - Ignimbrite vents in calderas of diverse structural style, SE Korea 3-year NERC Research Fellowship.


Simone Cogliate: (2015 - )

  • Tracking excess argon as a proxy for degassing of silicic magma chambers in Tenerife, Open University (co-supervised by Drs Sarah Sherlock and Tiffany Barry).

Jane Macarthur: (2014 - )

  • Comet dust and clastic meteorites from Mars (co-supervised by John Bridges and Steve Baker).

Bryan Woodward: (2013 - )

  • Explosive phreatomagmatic processes at a large caldera volcano, Scafell caldera UK (Lead supervisor: Brown, University of Durham).

David Finn, (2010- )

  • University of California at Santa Cruz (main supervisor: Prof Rob Coe); UCL TA + NER

Nina Jordan: (2011 - 14)

  • Explosive volcanic history of a peralkaline caldera-volcano, Pantelleria, Italy. Funded by DAAD, Leicester Alumni and University funds, and self-funding.

Thomas Knott: (2010 - 2014)

  • Ash dispersal from ignimbrite-forming super-eruptions in the central Snake River Plain, Yellowstone hot-spot, USA 2010-2013. Funded by NERC grant (PI: Branney).

Natasha Smith: (2008 - to date)

  • Under the fountain; near-vent records  of caldera- and ignimbrite-forming  eruptions  (NERC-studentship co-supervised with Peter Kokelaar, Liverpool University).

Chris Wilcox: (NERC, 2007 - 11)

  • Explosive piecemeal-type calderas: eruption behaviour, periodicity, and volcanic structure at Los Humeros volcano, Central Mexican Volcanic Belt. Funded by NERC (co-supervisors: Mike Norry and Gerardo Carrasco, UNAM, Mexico).

Rebecca Williams: (NERC, 2006 - 9)

  • Emplacement of hot catastrophic density currents over irregular topography: the  volcanology of a recent low aspect-ratio rheomorphic ignimbrite on the island of Pantelleria, Straits of Sicily.

Pablo Davila-Harris:

  • Physical volcanology of hazardous explosive eruptions at ocean-island volcanoes. 2004 - 8. Funded by CONACYT (Mexican Government).

Ben Ellis:

  • The physical volcanology of explosive super-eruptions of the Snake River Plain region of Idaho, USA. 2004 - 8 NERC studentship (co-supervisors: T. Barry, Open University, B. Bonnichsen, Idaho State University). Best presentation 2006 VSMG AGM.

Clare Maher:

  • The origins of fabrics in density currents in turbidites and ignimbrites, and their bearing on depositional mechanisms GTA, 2002 - 6 (involved collaboration with Bill Owens, Birmingham University. Completed 2006.

Graham Andrews:

  • Origin, emplacement and deformation history of high-temperature, lava-like ignimbrites: the Grey’s Landing ignimbrite, Idaho, USA. NERC studentship 2001 - 4. (now Post-doc at UBC, Vancouver)  Best presentation VSMG AGM: 2004. Completed 2006.

Clare Pannell:

  • Quaternary environments and climate on Tenerife using stable isotopes from terrestrial and marine shells. NERC studentship 2001 - 4 (first supervisor: Gordon Curry at Glasgow University). Completed 2004.

Richard Brown:

  • Eruption history and depositional processes of the Poris ignimbrite of Tenerife and the Glaramara Tuff of the English Lake District. NERC studentship 1997-01. Completed 2001: Richard went to the Vesuvius Volcanic Observatory then Bristol University, now at the Open University.

Pamela Raine:

  • Sedimentary processes in caldera lakes: Scafell caldera, UK, and La Primavera caldera, Mexico; SHELL scholarship for PhD. Towards the first sedimentary facies analysis of a volcanic caldera - an exceptionally dynamic sedimentary environment. Co-supervisor: Peter Kokelaar. Completed: Sept. 1998; Pamela is now with Exxon Mobil.

MPhil Students

Gregor Hahn: (2016 - )

  • Ignimbrite tephrostratigraphy at exhumed, nested explosive caldera volcanoes, Borrowdale Volcanic Group, U.K. (DAAD-funded)

Alexis Schwarz-Mesa: (2014 - )

  • Petrogenesis and emplacement of a welded ignimbrite on Tenerife

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