Bethan McCarroll, Postgraduate Researcher

Impact-cratering in Scotland: field investigation of the emplacement, sedimentology and environmental effects of a major impact-event

Contact DetailsBethan McCarroll

Project Overview

Several aspects of what happens during an impact event are not understood. To better understand the effects cratering has on the Earth, we need to better understand the process of cratering and associated ejecta emplacement. This project looks at the Proterozoic Stac Fada ejecta blanket and its relationship to enclosing, well-exposed sedimentary strata along 50km of coastline in NW Scotland. The aim is to learn what happens during major impacts and how the regional environment is affected.

Research Questions

A billion years ago, a large asteroid hit Scotland, but what were the processes involved and how did the catastrophe affect the landscape?

Research Theme

Solid Earth


McCarroll D. and McCarroll B., 2015. Watchouse Bay and Foxhole Cove, Southgate. Eds: Shakesby R. A. and Hiemstra J. F., The Quaternary of Gower Field Guide. Quaternary Research Association.


University Undergraduate Scholarship, 2015

T R Owen Memorial Prize, 2014

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