Dr Tiffany Barry

Tiffany Barry

Research Fellow

Head of Analytical Services

Tel: +44 (0)116 252 3924
Email: tlb2@le.ac.uk

I am the academic Head of Analytical Services within the School and manage the LA-ICP-MS facility.


  • GL2101 Earth and Ocean Systems

  • GL3073 Planetary Science

  • GL4010 Masters Research Projects


Find me on: Researchgate or Google Scholar

My research focuses on questions of:

  • mantle geodynamics
  • volcanology and
  • geochronology


and includes studies on:

  • long-term isotopic signatures in the mantle
  • Tethyan and Rheic Ocean crust chemistry
  • mantle convection, using 3D spherical numerical models
  • intraplate magmatism, especially across Central Asia
  • using geochemistry as a tool to understand emplacement of pyroclastic density currents
  • improving our understanding of Ar-dating



Mantle dynamics and mantle geochemistry

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Ar-Ar dating and Stratigraphy

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Physical Volcanology

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