Academics celebrate winning Prospect Think Tank Award

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Davor Vidas, Honorary Visiting Professor from the Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI), Norway, along with contributions from University of Leicester and Anthropocene Working Group colleagues; Professor Jan Zalasiewicz, Professor Mark Williams and Dr Colin Waters are celebrating winning the 2019 Prospect Think Tank Award for Europe in the category of Science, Health, Energy and Environment.

This year's award is the third in a row for FNI as the Think Tank of the year in this competition - but the first time in a broadened category of not only 'Energy and Environment', but now also 'Science and Health".

The FNI was praised for its interdisciplinarity and research on the Anthropocene, as well as related to the Law of the Sea. Joint efforts and cooperation within the research project supported by the Research Council of Norway, in which the University of Leicester takes part, as well as within the Anthropocene Working Group are thought to have played an important role in the jury's verdict. This kind of interdisciplinary work is now being developed within the University of Leicester's recently formed Anthropocene Research Group.

Judges for this year's award

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