Jane Turns 10 - a Celebration of Jane the T. rex at the University of Leicester

Posted by nba8 at Oct 16, 2018 12:35 PM |

Jane the T. rex, the fascinating centre-piece of the ''Flying Dinosaur'' exhibition in the Bennett Building, is one of the most famous faces at the University of Leicester.

From Monday 15 October - Friday 2 November, Geology at Leicester will be celebrating the 10th year that Jane the T. rex was unveiled.

We will be highlighting palaeontology research by staff and students, as well as our fossil collections on our social media pages. On Monday 29 October, Emeritus Professor David Siveter will be presenting a special lecture on 'Exceptionally Preserved Fossils', which will discuss how fossils have shaped our understanding of the history and evolution of life, especially the rare and amazing cases of ‘exceptional preservation’. There will also be a pre-lecture Schools Taster Session, where budding geologists can take part in a range of activities relating to palaeontology.

Previously, it was dismissed that dinosaurs like Jane and birds hade a direct kinship, but there has been a large amount of evidence provided by fossils that supports the link between birds and dinosaurs, including 'bird- like' hips and a 'wishbone'.

Read the full programme of events here.

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