Leicester geology PhD students receive funding for outreach activities for the 2017 Yorkshire Fossil Festival

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Leicester geology PhD students Jordan Bestwick and Christopher Nedza have been awarded funding to design and implement an outreach stand at the 2017 Yorkshire Fossil Festival in Scarborough, UK.

Jordan and Chris were awarded a competitively-funded Outreach and Education Grant by the Paleontological Society, to represent the University of Leicester palaeobiology research group at the festival in September 2017.

The outreach stand will focus on one of the major areas of quantitative palaeo-research at Leicester: dental microwear textural analysis. This is a powerful tool which examines the microscopic surface textures on teeth which are formed by interactions with food items to infer dietary characteristics of extinct animals. Microwear analysis is currently used at Leicester to infer diets of dinosaurs, pterosaurs and early mammals amongst others.

The Rotunda Museum in Scarborough
The Rotunda Museum in Scarborough
The Yorkshire Fossil Festival will be held at the Rotunda Museum in Scarborough from 22nd-24th September 2017, with several thousand visitors anticipated to attend. Jordan and Chris are confident their microwear outreach stand will introduce non-scientific audiences to an exciting area of research, as well as help audiences gain an appreciation for quantitative palaeontology.

More details about the Yorkshire Fossil Festival

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