58th Annual Bennett Lecture

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Professor Simon Wallis of Nagoya University will be giving this years lecture.

Plate tectonics in action: Earthquakes, tsunamis and the geology of Japan

Professor Simon Wallis

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences,
Nagoya University, Japan

Monday 13 March 2017, 6.00pm

Bennett Building Lecture Theatre 1

The geology Japan records 100s of millions of years of plate convergence at the edge of east Asia. Today both the Pacific Ocean and Philippine Sea oceanic plates dive beneath the continental domain of Japan. The movement along these plate boundaries produces common small earthquakes and much rarer but very destructive mega earthquakes (>M8.5 class) with associated tsunamis. One example was the devastating event of March 2011. The geological record of earthquakes and tsunamis is helping to develop our understanding of these phenomena and to develop realistic forecasts that can help planning to live on a plate boundary.
This free lecture is open to students, staff, graduates and members of the public
 Teas and coffees available from 5.30pm in the Bennett Foyer

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