Postgraduate Research Day showcases variety of PhD projects in the Department of Geology

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On Wednesday 11 March the 2nd and 3rd year PhD students from the Department of Geology will present their research projects in a competition for the best student talk. During the coffee break and after the talks the 1st PhD students will present some posters explaining their projects

Talks (Starting 13.15 in LT10)

13.15 Thomas Clements Livers, Guts and gills – can the decay of internal organs influence their fossilisation potential?
13.30 Alodie Bubeck Unraveling the kinematic evolution of segmented rift systems
13.45 Sam Cox Long-time, large-scale simulation of mantle convection
14.00 Kieran  Blacker Controls on Physical Property Distribution in the Dogger Bank Tranche A
14.15 Alexis Schwartz-Mesa Petrogenesis and emplacement mechanism of a compositionally zoned ignimbrite on Tenerife

Posters and Coffee Break

Angela Castagna New Insights on Frictional Properties of Stratovolcanoes and their Basement
Joe Emmings Bowland Shale: Understanding the Spatial & Temporal Distribution of Organic Matter
Tom Hearing Constraining the marine environment of the Cambrian metazoan adaptive radiation
Takudzwa Kawanzarua What Controls Sill Morphology and Geometry?
Tara Stephens
Deformation Processes and Frictional Properties of Rocks associated with Volcano Flank Collapse
Zardasht Taha Late Ordovician ostracods from eastern Canada

Talks (Starting 15.00 in LT10)

15.00 Leah Nolan Detailed preservation assessment of Mississippian biogenic calcite for use in palaeoclimate studies
15.15 Walid Ben Mansour From waveform analysis to crustal imaging: example of the Northern Scandinavian Mountains
15.30 Rob Goodall How the whale became: 3D tooth microtextures shed light on the complex dietary transition in Archaeocete whale evolution (Cetacea: Archaeoceti)
15.45 Philip Smith Constraining the history of vertical surface motions in SE England
16.00 Thomas Sheldrick What Caused Mongolian Mesozoic Magmatism?
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