Geology postgraduate takes to the stage at prestigious conference

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Alodie Bubeck is only PhD student to present at Geological Society conference

A PhD student in the University’s Department of Geology will be the only doctoral student presenting at a prestigious conference this week.

Alodie Bubeck, who is supervised by Dr Richard Walker, Lecturer in Structural Geology, will be speaking at the Geological Society’s The Geology of Geomechanics conference taking place from 28-29 October where she will follow sessions by two of the biggest names in the field: Rick Sibson and Cristiano Colletini.

Her talk, ’Como se lava? How representative are ‘typical lavas’ in volcanic stability models?’, examines a new constraint on rock strength.

Alodie’s research, which combines laboratory uniaxial compressive strength measurements, and numerical modelling, addresses the role of void anisotropy in controlling rock strength. The maintenance of voids in the subsurface is critically important across the geosciences, with implications for fluid flow, mineralization, rock strength and stability (seismicity), and the deep biosphere, but most rock strength studies involve materials with isotropic voids

The Geology of Geomechanics conference aims to bring together geologists and engineers from the petroleum, radioactive waste disposal, carbon sequestration, mining and geothermal communities to discuss the links between the geomechanical disciplines and mainstream geology.

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