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IODP expedition 357 is now underway with Dr Sally Morgan from the department departing for the offshore phase of the expedition to the Atlantis Massif along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

On October 26th 2015 Dr Sally Morgan, from the Geophysics, Borehole and Rock Physics Group here at Leicester, is departing on the RRS James Cook from Southampton en route to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Sally is on board the vessel as the petrophysicist and logging specialist for the International Ocean Discovery Project’s ‘Atlantis Massif Serpentinisation and Life Expedition’ and will be offshore for six weeks.

The cruise forms the first part of the exciting Expedition 357 project which, through the recovery and analysis of seafloor sediments, aims to improve our understanding of the tectonic processes and microbial activity around the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

During the cruise, a series of sites across the Atlantis Massif region will be drilled to shallow depths of 50-80m, with the aim to recover continuous subsurface sediment core sequences. This expedition will be the first IODP expedition to utilise remotely operated seafloor drilling technologies (MARUM-MeBo80 and BGS Seafloor Rockdrill 2) which were tested during an earlier cruise this year.

The second phase of the project will commence in January 2016 at the IODP Bremen Core Repository (University of Bremen, Germany) where core recovered during the offshore phase is to be further analysed for its physical properties. IODP team members Erwan Le Ber, Janet Sherwin and Laurence Philpott, will be based in Bremen for this time and performing the analysis.

You can keep up-to-date with project developments through the expedition webpage.

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