Catastrophic Events in Bradford

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This Thursday (10th September 2015) the Department of Geology will be represented at the 2015 British Science Festival as part of an International Ocean Discovery Program event: Underwater Landscapes.
Catastrophic Events in Bradford

Dr Sally Morgan

The British Science Festival, an annual event, celebrates the best of British science through 4 days of free public events, talks and performances. This year’s festival is hosted by the University of Bradford. Sally Morgan from Borehole Research in the Department of Geology is leading a team of UK scientists communicating the scientific research generated by the activities of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP). IODP and its precursors are a global collaborative research and exploration effort with a 50-year history that has facilitated ocean drilling research and in so doing, helped explore Earth’s history and dynamics. Most recently, the programme has undertaken expeditions that explore the science underpinning our understanding of catastrophic events: from dramatic and rapid sea level change to meteorite impacts.  Some events have proven societal relevance, including sampling and measuring submarine volcanic landslide deposits that could have tsunamigenic potential, and drilling the fault zone that ruptured in March 2011 causing the catastrophic Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Other IODP projects that are focused on catastrophic events are more broadly interesting to the public, including the upcoming (Spring 2016) Chicxulub impact crater project which will drill and sample the crater that resulted from the meteorite impact that led to the demise of the dinosaurs.

The event, at 1630 on Thursday 10 September, will centre on research about catastrophic events through geological time to raise public awareness of this international programme and its important contributions to science.  The featured speakers are as follows:

  • Professor Joanna Morgan, Imperial College London, will showcase the research behind next year’s Chicxulub impact crater project
  • Professor Dave Hodgson, University of Leeds, will talk about sea level change research arising from a project that drilled and sampled the New Jersey margin in 2009
  • Dr Tiago Alves, Cardiff University, will focus on submarine landslide research including various projects from offshore Japan
  • Dr Sally Morgan, University of Leicester, will give an overview of IODP

You can follow the activities at the British Science Festival via Twitter: @BritishSciFest

To book your ticket to the Underwater Landscapes event, go to:

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