Paul Denton, British Geological Survey, Keyworth

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Paul Denton has a BSc in Physics with Geophysics (Bath).  During his studies he spent a sandwich year working at the (then new) iconic Schlumberger Cambridge Research “tent”.  After graduating he spent two years working for Seismograph Service Ltd as a field seismologist with land acquisition crews in eastern Turkey and the western desert in Egypt.

In 1994 he joined the Department of Geology at the University of Leicester as an experimental officer supporting research and teaching activities in geophysics.   Initially he worked with both time domain controlled source EM systems and seismic acquisition, supporting research activities in Cyprus, East Africa, Europe, North America and Asia.   In 2000 he became the inaugaural  manager  of SEIS-UK,  a national facility supporting the UK academic seismology community with a pool of high quality portable seismic acquisition systems obtained with a £2M JIF Consortium Grant.

In 2006 he shifted his focus to the less fieldwork-intensive field of outreach and education.  With support from a NESTA teaching award he moved to the British Geological Survey and created the UK school seismology project.     This develops and promotes educational activities for secondary school students and teachers to use observational seismology as an inspirational context for science learning.  Since 2010 he has been leading international efforts in Europe and worldwide to share ideas and expertise in this field.

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