Dr. Richard Hobbs, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Durham

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After obtaining a BSc in Engineering Physics at Loughborough in 1977, Richard Hobbs spent three years in industry working on radar and optical fibres before returning to do a PhD in Durham on seismic reflection data. On its completion, he was invited to apply for a job in the BIRPS Core Group to oversee seismic data processing. Following the retirement of Drum Matthews he was promoted to Core Group Director. After the BIRPS programme finished in 1998, he continued at Cambridge running a number of industry funded research consortia. In 2003, he won a NERC Advanced Fellowship and moved back to Durham for both research and family reasons. In an ever increasing diversity of interests in oceans, basalts, high-latitude Cretaceous black shale, hydrothermal systems, and well-logging, to name a few, his focus is on the proper handling of uncertainty in complex systems; an unloved topic especially by undergraduates, but in his opinion vital if we are to reconcile diverse Earth science data and knowledge in a meaningful ways.

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