Alice Walker, Former Head of BGS Seismic Monitoring and Information Service, Edinburgh

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Alice Walker, ABConsulting, is a geophysicist in earthquake seismology (at BGS for over 30 years). She managed a 10-nation, cross-border seismicity project in Europe and headed the BGS Seismic Monitoring and Information Service providing rapid details of seismic events to its sponsors, Local Authorities, the Media and Public, together with longer-term analysis and research into seismological characteristics of UK seismicity. She also focused on discriminating natural earthquakes, man-made explosions and sonic booms from the fracking - induced seismicity caused by the HDR Geothermal project in Cornwall; acting as a “policeman” and independent arbiter between the HDR team, Local Authority and the Public. She has worked as an Officer with the ESC and IASPEI and is a member of the UK nuclear regulator’s Expert Panel on Seismic Hazard and Climate Change.

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