History of Seismology Meeting

From Hooke to Helioseismology

The UK’s contribution to Seismology - past, present & future

Thursday 9th April

10.15          Welcome by Professor Paul Boyle, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester


10.30          Early British thinking on earthquakes from Shakespeare to Hooke

Dr Roger Musson, British Geological Survey, Edinburgh

11.00          Earthquake prediction – the Holy Grail

Professor Ian Main, Geosciences, Edinburgh

11.30          Long term slip deficit and the forecasting of slip in future earthquakes

Professor John McCloskey, Environmental Sciences, Ulster

12.00          Seismological investigations of the subduction zone plate interface:advances and challenges

Professor Andreas Rietbrock, Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences, Liverpool

12.30         Capturing the formation of a mid-ocean ridge using broadband seismometers: dyke propagation and eruption in Iceland

Professor Robert (Bob) White, Bullard Laboratories, Earth Sciences, Cambridge

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch (Posters)

Instruments and Institutions

14.00         UK seismic monitoring through the decades

Drs Chris Browitt and Alice Walker, Former Heads of BGS UK Seismic Monitoring and Information Service, Edinburgh

14.30         Research on test-ban verification and the history of seismology in the UK

Dr David Bowers, AWE Blacknest, Aldermaston

15.00         Marine seismics: 60 years of instrument development at Cambridge

Tim Owen and Mel Mason, Earth Sciences, Cambridge

15.30         School seismology development in the UK and around the world

Paul Denton, British Geological Survey, Keyworth

16.00 – 16.30 Tea Break (Posters)

Controlled-Source Seismology and Crustal Studies

16.30          Explosion seismology – Thirty years evolution from Heligoland to LISPB

Dr David Bamford, formerly Head of Exploration, BP; Finding Petroleum             

17.00         The KRISP and EAGLE projects: crustal structure in the East African Rift

Professor Randy Keller, School of Geology and Geophysics, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA

17.30          Sizing up to the energy challenge; seismology and the oil and gas industry

Dr Patrick Bermingham, Exploration Chief Geophysicist, Shell International Exploration and Production

18.00         Poster Session

20.00         Conference Dinner

Friday 10th April

9.00            Reflections on BIRPS

Dr Richard Hobbs, Earth Sciences, Durham

9.30            Inversion of the full seismic wavefield; high-fidelity imaging of Chicxulub, subduction zones and active volcanoes

Professor Joanna Morgan, Earth Sciences and Engineering, Imperial College, London

10.00 Earthquakes, explosions and North Korean nuclear tests

Professor Anton Ziolkowski, Geosciences, Edinburgh

10.30         Reservoirs under stress: the microseismic response to fracture stimulation

Professor Mike Kendall, Earth Sciences, Bristol

11.00 – 11.30 Coffee Break (Posters)

Passive Seismology

11.30         Seismic tomography and the Earth’s upper mantle

Dr Stewart Fishwick, Geology, Leicester

12.00         Seismic imaging of upper mantle discontinuities; implications for the tectonic plate

Dr Catherine Rychert, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

12.30         Seismic anisotropy: past, current and future perspectives

Dr James Wookey, Earth Sciences, Bristol

13.00-14.00        Lunch (Posters)

14.00         Interferometry and seismic noise

Professor Andrew Curtis, Geosciences, Edinburgh

14.30         Helioseismology: revealing the sun’s internal structure and dynamics

Dr Michael J. Thompson, National Centre for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO, USA

15.00         Contributions to seismology by scientists from the UK

Dr Walter Mooney, Research Seismologist and former Head of Seismology, USGS, Menlo Park, CA, USA

15.30         Open Discussion

16.00         Close

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