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Nicholas Rawlinson - School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen

Seismix is an international symposium on seismic imaging that is held every two years. The first meeting was held at Cornell in 1984, and since that time, it has visited Canada, Australia, Finland, China, Spain and many other places around the world. The original motivation for Seismix came from a group of seismologists interested in pursuing national programs of multichannel seismic reflection profiling of continents and their margins. Notable examples include BIRPS in the UK, DEKORP in Germany, Lithoprobe in Canada and FIRE in Finland. In the last decade, Seismix has diversified from crustal reflection profiling to include most kinds of seismic imaging methods that can be applied to the crust (and mantle lithosphere to some extent). Thus, methods include those that use active sources or passive sources, and applications range from exploration through to the solid Earth. The emphasis is on new methods and their applications, and on advancing our understanding of crustal dynamics, structure and processes. The conference is unique in the way that it brings together the active/passive source community and those who work on solid Earth/exploration problems.

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