SEIS-UK, a NERC funded facility providing onshore seismic equipment, expertise, data storage and processing

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D.E Hawthorn & V.L Lane - SEIS-UK, Geology Department, Leicester University, University Road, Leicester, LE35RX, UK

The Natural Environment Research Council’s (NERC) Geophysical Equipment Facility (GEF) provides equipment suitable for onshore and offshore based geophysical research. All equipment is available free-of-charge to institutions engaged in research within the NERC remit. The 2 seismic nodes of GEF are: (1) SEIS-UK, based within the University of Leicester which maintains a pool of onshore seismic instrumentation for both active and passive sources; (2) OBIF at the Universities of Durham and Southampton which supports offshore seismics and EM.

SEIS-UK has provided instrumentation, advice and support to a large number of projects for over 10 years. This includes Understanding the development of the Afar rift, magmatic emplacement in central Iceland, basin structure and development in central Europe and uplift mechanisms and controls in Norway. A number of combined onshore-offshore experiments have been supported including a large (150 station/ 6,500 shots) tomographic imaging study of Tenerife. Data from a number of experiments have also subsequently been used in noise interferometry studies.

After the completion of a project data is uploaded to the IRIS DMC. After a period of exclusive use by the project PIs this data become freely available, and each month an average of 200GB of SEIS-UK data is downloaded.

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