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The Pander Society is an international association of palaeontologists and stratigraphers with a common interest in the study of conodonts. The purpose of the Society is to encourage the exchange of information about conodont research. The Society is informal and has no constitution, by-laws, or fees for membership. Anyone with an active interest in conodonts can join the Society simply by registering with the Chief Panderer, Prof Lai Xulong, either using the form (link in the navigation menu) or by email: <>.

This is a legacy version of the The Pander Society website; the current version is hosted by the China University of Geosciences, Wuhan. To access archived copies of the annual Newsletter and other information contained in this site, use the navigation buttons on the left.

Because of its informal nature, a meeting of the Pander Society could be said to take place on any occasion when two or more members meet to discuss conodonts. There are, however, a number of more significant meetings each year. Among other things, reports of meetings and announcements of forthcoming gatherings of conodont workers are included in the newsletter.


This legacy version of the Pander Society website is hosted by the University of Leicester's Department of Geology.

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