Welcome to TROPIC

TROPIC is a university-based consultancy specialising in the geophysical-geochemical-ecological aspects of tropical peatlands, and how those peatlands can be used appropriately for socio-economic means.

Who are we?

Professor Sue Page

Professor Sue PageSue is an ecologist and a biologist by training with research interests in wetland function and ecology. Her current research primarily concentrates on the tropical peatlands of Southeast Asia, but extends into South America, Central Africa, as well as on lowland peatlands in the UK. Within Sue's research there is a emphasis on how important it is to convert scientific knowledge into policy and practice. Her expertise includes forest biodiversity and the role of tropical peatlands in the global carbon cycle, the impact of forest fires and illegal logging on peatland biodiversity and sustainability, and opportunities to mitigate carbon losses and greenhouse gas emissions from peatlands under various forms of land management.

Professor Kevin Tansey

Dr. Kevin TanseyKevin's research interests lie in the analysis and investigation of Earth Observation data. He is particularly interested in characterising vegetation on the Earth's surface and identifying the spatial, temporal and magnitude aspects of vegetation disturbances (specifically fire, deforestation, degradation and drainage). His expertise include the use of existing and new SAR, LiDAR and optical remotely sensed data from the ground, aircraft or satellites in space.


What can we offer

There are a number of consultancy / research services that the Tropical Peatlands Team at the University of Leicester can provide:

  • Site assessment (including hydrology, topography, biogeochemistry and carbon balance);
  • Base-line monitoring;
  • Management and remediation advice;
  • Monitoring of remediation actions.

Beyond consultancy, Sue and Kevin have established a thriving research programme, and are highly experienced, and well established within Europe, South-east Asia and South America. Engagement in ground breaking research allows for additional depth and a scientific basis to the consultancy advice and support that can be delivered to our clients. With an already excellent track record of research and consultancy work, we can provide for your tropical peatland needs.

If you are interested in discussing how we can help, then please contact us.

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