Planetary Urban and Rural Transformations

Research under this theme explores the way ideas about, and the experiences of, the urban and the rural are transforming and transformative. Our research is at the forefront of both urban studies and rural studies, and strategically we seek to inform one with the other. Our research is ‘planetary’ in scale and we use this term deliberately to indicate the blurring of urban and rural, we look at diverse geographical contexts in both the Global North and the Global South (and indeed seek to unpick these ‘colonial’ geographical categorizations).

Our research asks:

  1. How is planetary gentrification affecting communities worldwide?
  2. What are the differences and similarities between urban and rural transformations globally today?
  3. How are communities resisting such changes?

Photographer: Gavin Brown

Photographer: Gavin Brown


NameResearch Interests
Professor Loretta Lees Planetary Gentrification, Global Gentrifications, Panetary Urbanization, Urban policy
Professor Martin Phillips Gentrification, Social class, Migration, Representations of rurality, Rural sustainability, Rural landscape transformation
Dr Katy Bennett Coal and steel, heritage, destruction, memory, landscape, regeneration
Dr Ben Coles Markets and materiality, ‘Urban’ Metabolism, Food, Energy, Water ‘nexus’, Brazil/Latin America, Embodiment and Temporality, ‘Alternative’ economies
Dr Bahar Sakizlioglu

Postgraduate Researchers aligned with the theme:

  • Akram Abdulla
  • Hanadi Alharbi
  • Bikhtiyar Ameen
  • Natassia Barnes
  • Jay Emery
  • Robert Geary-Griffin
  • Marissa Markowitz
  • Andrew Psaila
  • Clara Rivas Alonso
  • Jessica Steele
  • Amy Van Allen

More information about our research postgraduates
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Gentrification and what can be done to stop it - Loretta Lees - TEDx Talk Brixton

For more information on this research theme please contact the theme leader Professor Loretta Lees
Telephone: 0116 252 3842

Image Credit: Roland Leigh and Bluesky International Ltd.

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