Creative Methods Laboratory

Glossopoly BoardThe Department of Geography’s Creative Research Methods Lab (CRML) provides base for the department’s commitment to critical human geography. It houses an array of specialist equipment, including film and photo editing software, qualitative analysis software, cameras, digital microphones and recorders.

The lab is more than an equipment store. Staff in the department explore, experiment and apply creative research methods in a number of innovative ways. For example, research into the topographies (place-writing) markets and economies seeks to explore the implicit material, social-sensuality through which markets and economies emerge. Collaborations with digital artists and other creative practitioners to designs apps and develop board-games to elicit communities’ experiences of rural and urban change. Art and poetry in creative geographical work in which the geographer is a creative geoartist, enacting or creating geographically-orientated aesthetic works themselves (often to explore themes of post-coloniality or survivability).

Underscoring the department’s commitment to critical geographical research. Our creativity goes beyond employing innovative and creative methods to research ‘social problems’, we use it to make legible the creative practices through which people negotiate their everyday lives.

Photographer: Ben Coles

Photographer: Ben Coles

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