Centre for Landscape and Climate Research

South-West America Field Trip 2015

The Centre for Landscape and Climate Research at Leicester consists of a group of multidisciplinary scientists. We investigate exciting questions about our environment by using a broad range of disciplines. We study the earth environment from a global to a molecular scale. Our research considers time scales from contemporary process dynamics to long term climate change covering periods up to millions of years. Our research is focussed around two themes: Forest and Peatlands and Environmental Processes and Change.

We have an excellent track-record of research funding (see the research themes for details) from UK Research Councils, major charities, government departments, the European Union, international trusts and foundations, and a wide variety of other external sources. Find out more about the research projects and publications from the Centre for Landscape and Climate Research.

Research Themes

Environmental Processes and Change

Forests and Peatlands


Photographer: Virginia Nicolas-Perea

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