Week 6 - Online Experiments and Virtual Ethnographies

This week we will be looking at two different types of online research - online experiments and virtual ethnographies.  Both of these share some of the features of the other online research methods that we have already explored, but they also raise new issues with regard to the methods, ethics and practicalities of carrying out research online.

Before Thursday

and/or read

What particular issues do these forms of online research raise?  Do they encourage you to think differently about online research practice more generally? 

On Thursday

You will be meeting up in synchronously in small groups in Connect to collaboratively develop an outline proposal for an online experiment or online ethnographic study.  These will be hypothetical - unfortunately you won't get to carry them out. 

After Thursday

As part of this course you need to develop a project idea and pilot it with members of the group. We would like you to start thinking about your own project and post some initials thoughts about your research design in your blog.


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