Week 5: Synchronous methods

This week we will be looking in more detail at the different types of synchronous online research methods.    

The term synchronous research simply means forms of research that require the researcher and the researched to be online simultaneously. We are going to focus on the following two methodologies this week.

  • Synchronous interviews
  • Synchronous focus groups

Before Thursday

Watch the lecture on synchronous methods.

You may also be interested to watch Doyle Research's demonstration of their video focus group tool.

You should also read some articles from this week's reading list to help get a sense of how other researchers have approached synchronous online research. You may also find it helpful to refer to the Interviews module on the Exploring ORMs website.

In this weeks synchronous discussion we will be trying to draw up a list of practical tips and interventions that you can use in a synchronous discussion. We have drawn up a short list of typical advice that tends to be given about face-to-face interviews and focus groups. You might be able to use this to spark your thinking about good practice in online research.

On Thursday

We will hold a synchronous discussion where we will draw up a list of tips for good practice in online interviews and focus groups.

After Thursday

We would like you to continue with the Wikipedia e-tivity and add information about synchronous methods.

You should also continue to keep your blog up to date with a reflection on this weeks e-tivities.

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