Week 3 - Evaluating when ORMs are appropriate

This week we will be considering when it might be appropriate to conduct research using online research methods and what the advantages and disadvantages of differnet types of online methods are.  At 10.00 on Thursday 5th February we will be meeting up for the syncronous meeting

Tasks to do before Thursday.

Ensure that you have updated your blog with a post about last week's e-tivity on online personas.

Choose a case study and consider why the researcher chose the online methodology they used and how successul it was in addressing their research question.

Thursday's activity

As in the previous two weeks we will be using Connect to hold real-time discussions. However, this week you will initially be meeting in pairs to discuss the case study that you have read.  Each pair will spend the first 30 minutes discussing the case studies that they have read.  We will then ask you to summarise your discussion and identify any issues it raises about the use of online research methods in general.  You will then join up with another pair to share your summaries and explore any common themes that have emerged.   Jane and Tristram will be online and following  the discussions.  They will be on hand to help with the organisational aspects but won't be moderating the meetings.

In your meeting you may wish to consider:

  • Why the researchers chose the methods that they did;
  • How appropriate were they to address the research questions; and
  • Whether the research could have been carried out using traditional research methods.

Follow this link find your meeting

After Thursday

You will also have now experienced up to three different synchronous meetings using connect (working as a pair/three,  group of four and larger group of five or six).  What insights has this experience of participating and contributing to these three different meetings given you about conducting synchrnous interviews/focus groups online?  Post any reflections that you wish to share about these or any other aspect of the discussions on your blog.

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