Week 2: Online identity

This week we will be considering what the implications of our own and others online personas and identies have for conducting research online.  At 10.00 on Thursday 29th January we will be meeting up for a syncronous activity.

Tasks to do before Thursday

Thursday's activity

Like last week we will be using Connect to hold the real-time discussions. We will be discussing the role of the researcher in online research and thinking about how you connect with participants, build rapport and where appropriate boundaries are. Questions you might want to think about are:

  • How present are you on the internet. Is your identity available to anyone with access to Google?
  • Why do people engage with online communities and how do they present themselves.
  • What are the implications for researchers of the privacy issues discussed by Gross and Acuisti?
  • How are researchers percieved by online communities?


Click to enter our meeting.

After Thursday

Have a look at Exploring online research methods in a virtual training environment (2006), Privacy including the public private debate.

Also try and read some other articles from this weeks suggested reading.

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