Week 10

For the meeting again at 10.00 (Thursday 26th March). 

The focus of the discussion is what has been learnt from the pilots that have taken place so far.  You will be working in the groups below and there are also links to the discussion areas.  For the first 40 minutes or so we'd like you to discuss your project and the issues you identified as a result of undertaking a pilot and then discuss the feedback from your colleagues.  

In the final 20 minutes we'd like each group to reflect on the issues that have been raised and to identify any common themes or issues that arise.  Use these to develop a set of recommendations that you'd make to other online researchers.

Group 1: David, Roma, Marion, Ranji, Orawan (https://connect.le.ac.uk/week10g1/)
Group 2: Lisa, Stefanie, Kim, Inocencio, Clare, Kate (https://connect.le.ac.uk/week10g2/)
Group 3: Julia, Jan, Sumaira, Samah, Tim, Naeem (https://connect.le.ac.uk/week10g3/)
Group 4: Liz, Margot, Victor, Kristin, Andrew (https://connect.le.ac.uk/week10g4/)

If I've missed you off the list my apologies - please join group 1.

 After the session we would like you to complete the course evaluation questionaire.


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