Course overview

The course will commence in the week beginning Monday 19th January 2009. There will be an hour of syncronous online activity every Thursday at 10.00.

  • Week 1: Getting started and thinking about our online personas.
  • Week 2: Discussion about online persona, who are you online and what impact does this have on your research?
  • Week 3: Evaluating when online research methods are appropriate? What methods do you use?
  • Week 4: Asynchonous methods: surveys, questionaires, interviews.
  • Week 5: Synchronous methods: focus groups and interviews.
  • Week 6: Experiments and ethnographies.
  • Week 7: Starting to plan your own project and investigate ethical issues.
  • Week 8: Developing and piloting your project.  Submission of Assessment 1: Research Design Proposal
  • Week 9: Piloting your own and others projects.
  • Week 10: Reflection on your professional development
  • Week 11: Completion/submission of Assessment 2: Reflective Blog

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