Research Postgraduates

Physical Geography

Akram Abdulla Spatial Analysis of the Land Uses in the City of Tripoli, Using GIS and Remote Investment for the Period between 2000 and 2014 Kevin Tansey asea2
David Ackerley Investigating sediment transport in gravel-bed rivers using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Mark Powell
Andrew Carr
Amani Alharbi The accessibility of health care facilities to breast cancer patients in Saudi Arabia Claire Jarvis aeaa2
Mohammed Alhedyan Kevin Tansey
Kirsten Barrett
Ghizayel Al Muhammadi Quaternary environmental changes in the Wadi systems of the Al-Madina Al-Munawwarah Basin Sue McLaren
Mark Powell
Mohammed Alhedyan Urban Change Detection of Al-Khafji City, Saudi Arabia, using Remote Sensing Data. Kevin Tansey
Kirsten Barrett
Bikhtiyar Ameen The effect of climate on the building in Sulaymaniyah city
Chloe Barnes Detection of Phytophthora ramorum in Larch (Larix) Stands using a Series of Remote Sensing Methods Heiko Balzter
Kirsten Barrett
Stephanie Bond Assessing the fate of Metaldehyde applied to arable soil sgb21
Mark Collins Heiko Balzter
Mark Gillings
Sarah Cook Fluvial carbon losses from oil palm plantations on tropical peatlands in Southeast Asia Susan Page
Mick Whelan
Nicholas Coombs Mark Powell
Mick Whelan
Alex Cumming Carbon balance on a cultivated British lowland peatland Jorg Kaduk
Susan Page
Kampanat Deeudomchan Geoinformatics technology for estimating carbon stocks in Thailand Heiko Balzter kd199
Berivan Esen Organic matter in extreme environments: arid zone soils, rock varnishes and Mars analogues Andy Carr
Arnoud Boom
Natalia Gonzalez-Michaels
Environmental change and human impacts during the Late -Holocene in the High Andean Páramos Ecosystem surrounding Bogota Basin,Colombia
Andrew Carr
Arnoud Boom
Rahel Hamad GIS-based Assessment of Water Harvesting Potential in a part of Greater Zab Basin, Kurdistan Region – North East Iraq Heiko Balzter rohs1
Oliver Hardy Development of Raman Spectroscopy for Mars - an inter-disciplinary approach Andy Carr
Arnoud Boom
Alex Hay A process history of an aeolian transport corridor in the Mojave Desert Mark Powell
Andrew Carr
Andrea Hurtado de Mendoza Rosales Determining the effect of plant carbon allocation on the Climate–Carbon Cycle Feedback through variational Data Assimilation Jorg Kaduk
Heiko Balzter
Sa'ad Ibrahim Assessment of tree/grass composition of savannas using remote sensing Heiko Balzter
Kevin Tansey
Yahaya Ibrahim An assessment of environmental condition in relation to desertification in West African Sahel using spatial indicators and surface energy conditions Heiko Balzter
Jorg Kaduk
Hamisu Isah Influence of Climate on Animal Diseases in Nigeria: A Case Study of Fascioliasis gigantica in Sokoto state Heiko Balzter
Jorg Kaduk
Akihito Kono Rescaling climate governance: shifting ideologies and practices of REDD + between international and national policy actors in Malaysia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka Caroline Upton
Susan Page
Valentin Louis Mapping forest-plantation dynamics using multi-sensor and multi-temporal remotely sensed data in Southeast Asia Heiko Balzter
Susan Page
Wayne Murphy Response of the Amazon swamp palm forests to human and environmental impacts Juan Carlos Berrio
Arnoud Boom
Peshawa Najmaddin Predicting runoff in large semi-arid catchments and evaluation of rain water harvesting potential Heiko Balzter
Mick Whelan
Rosalinde Nicholls Adjustment of bed surface grain size and structure in coarse-grain alluvial rivers Mark Powell
Mick Whelan
Matthew Ofwono Virginia Nicolas-Perea
Heiko Balzter
Nkeiruka Onyia
Application of Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) in the Assessment of Oil Pollution Impact on Biodiversity in Ogoniland, Nigeria Heiko Balzter
Juan Carlos Berrio
Ajoke Onojeghuo Monitoring NO2 and CO pollution in the Niger Delta using Remote Sensing Heiko Balzter
Paul Monks
Mohammed Ozigis An Artificial Neural Network Based Feature Extraction from the NigerianSatII Imagery of Bayelsa State Jorg Kaduk msjo1
Ana Maria Pacheco-Pascagaza Integration of Glass-Lidar, high resolution SAR imagery and Optical resolution imagery for validating forest degradation Heiko Balzter
Kirsten Barrett
Gong Pan FENFLUX: The short-term climate response of carbon dioxide, methane and water fluxes from a regenerating fen in East Anglia, UK Jorg Kaduk
Heiko Balzter
Pg Nor Zamzam Binti Pg Hassan Modelling and communicating the ecological characteristics of the peat swap forest of Brunei Claire Jarvis
Susan Page
Thomas Potter Estimating aboveground forest biomass in voxel space: a multi-sensor approach Heiko Balzter
Nick Veck
Kevin Tansey
Maryam Pourshamsi Remote sensing for ecosystem services Heiko Balzter
Kirsten Barrett
Azad Rasul Investigating Surface Urban Heat and Cool Islands in Erbil, Iraq Using Remote Sensing and GIS Heiko Balzter
Claire Smith
Shailesh Shrestha Change Detection Techniques with Geographic Object Base Image Analysis for an Urban Area in Warsaw, Poland using High Resolution Optical Remote Sensing Images Zbigniew Bochenek
Lisa Smallwood Mick Whelan
Mark Powell

Andrew Tewkesbury Land use maps from high resolution land cover by modelling spatial relationships and human perception Kevin Tansey
Nicholas Tate
Sara Thornton Evaluating the ecological and cultural services provided by tropical forest ecosystems: freshwater fish and the use of fish ponds as a sustainable livelihood source in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia Susan Page
Caroline Upton
Helena White Re-evaluating the chronostratigraphy and palaeoenvironment of the Fazzan Basin, Libyan Sahara Sue McLaren
Arnoud Boom

Human Geography

Hanadi Alharbi

New build gentrification in the central zone of Medina: investigation of the role of religious tourism

Martin Phillips
Rebecca Madgin
Ikal Angelei Political ecology of land use changes - the case of Turkana Caroline Upton
Brett Matulis
David Ashby Comedy in South Africa: The Role of Political Humour in Post-Apartheid Nation Building Gavin Brown
Benjamin Coles
Nastassia Barnes Preservation in segregated Black historic districts: the cases of Holden-Parramore and Eatonville, Florida Loretta Lees
Simon Gunn
James Booth Internationalisation of British Higher Education and social media: Academic identities and transnational socialisation Clare Madge
Gavin Brown
Jay Emery Contested Histories and Producing the Past: Geographies of Heritage in the Nottinghamshire Coalfield Katy Bennett
Keith Snell
Robert Geary-Griffin UK farm shops: achieving economic stability Martin Phillips
Katy Bennett
Lee Hewitson Community-based natural resource management, livelihoods and landscape in North-Eastern Namibia Caroline Upton
Clare Madge
Saeid Hmmed Mobilities and Immobilities: Identities and wellbeing amongst Beni-Amernomadic pastoralist communities and Diasporas Caroline Upton
Margaret Byron
Usman Isyaku Analysis of sustainable natural resources management and community livlihood around protected areas in Nigeria Caroline Upton
Martin Phillips
Pengyuan Liu Assessing volunteered geographic information using data monitoring Stefano De Sabbata pl164
Marissa Markowitz Place in Ulaanbaatar’s Ger Districts: Contesting the Rural Urban Divide And Applications of Sustainable Development Caroline Upton
Benjamin Coles
Chris Martin Young people's use of digital technologies during play Katy Bennett
Margaret Byron
Dominic Obeng Transnational Identities and Networks of Solidarity: Exploring the Digital Practices of the Ghanaian Diaspora in the East Midlands Margaret Byron
Clare Madge
Andrew Psaila The changing role of the agricultural sector in the Maltese Islands: the envionment, the social and the economic Martin Phillips
Benjamin Coles
Clara Rivas-Alonso How do Political Protests and Everyday Resistance Practices Challenge Processes of State-led Gentrification in Istanbul? Loretta Lees
Gavin Brown
Hannah Smith The uncertain and unstable body: re-assemblage through organ transplantation circa 1994- 2015

Clare Madge
Gavin Brown

Darren Southcott Brett Matulis
Caroline Upton
Jessica Steele 'Self-renovating neighbourhoods’ – an alternative to gentrification? Loretta Lees
Gavin Brown
Grace Sykes Young people’s perceptions and experiences of risks associated with going to university: identities, transitions and emotions Peter Kraftl
Gavin Brown
Loretta Lees
Catherine Traynor Micro-relations between people, space and materials Benjamin Coles
Brett Matulis
Amy Van Allen

Heritage management protocols for locally-based projects with international impact: a framework for indigenous community empowerment

Katy Bennett
Martin Phillips

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