Dr Jörg Kaduk

Dr Jörg Kaduk

Associate Professor for Environmental Modelling, SFHEA

Bennett Building F63b

Tel: +44 (0)116 252 3848

Email: j.kaduk@le.ac.uk


ORCID ID: 0000-0003-4051-3081

Twitter: @jkaduk

Personal details

After my first degree in Mathematics, I went on to a PhD in Geosciences studying global carbon cycle modelling. I then continued my research as postdoc at the Department of Plant Biology of the Carnegie Institution of Washington in Stanford, California. This took my research into ecology and the biophysical interactions at the land surface.


I am interested in the interactions of ecosystem properties, climate variations and natural as well as anthropogenic disturbance. I am particularly concerned with the understanding and modelling of the feedbacks connecting ecological, biogeochemical and climatological processes as well as anthropogenic change and their effects on various spatial and temporal scales.

My main modelling tool is currently JULES, the UK community land surface model. I have also developed a terrestrial carbon cycle model  on the basis of CASA and my carbon cycle model, SILVAN. This model can be easily coupled into a land surface model, e.g. SiB, and become so coupled within an atmospheric general circulation model. With this range of models I study the interactions of canopy characteristics, biospheric fluxes and boundary layer properties on local to global scales in response to climate variations in an integrated fashion focussing currently on changes in leaf phenology and its impacts. Within a NERC funded project (PI Kirsten Barrett) on regrowth failure after fires in the boreal region I explore the impact of the land cover change from forest to grassland.

As a complement to my modelling work I am leading a network of eddy covariance stations in East Anglia measuring the greenhouse gas exchange in peatlands under different management types. Previously I measured eddy covariance fluxes of water, CO2 and heat of a California Grassland.


Please see Google Scholar or ORCHID


Research areas:

  • Interactions between the terrestrial biosphere and the atmosphere
  • Greenhouse gas fluxes from peatlands
  • Eddy covariance
  • Ecosystem and carbon cycle modelling of the land biosphere
  • Tree growth dynamics and plant resource allocation (tropical and boreal)
  • Wildfire dynamics
  • Climate and land cover change in Africa
  • Roughness structure and sediment transport in rivers

I am interested in supervising students on the following topics:

  • Impacts of land management on the greenhouse gas exchange of fens
  • Impact of climate change on agriculture in West Africa
  • Response of tropical trees to climate changeole of plant resource allocation in the carbon cycle


If you are interested in studying for a PhD in one of these research areas, please contact me or make informal enquiries via pgrgeog@le.ac.uk.

Find out more information about Geography PhDs including more research areas, how to apply, funding and entry requirements.

Current students

  • Konstantina Bika - "Forest Regeneration failure in southern Siberia" (2017-) NERC CENTA  studentship. Joint supervision with Dr Kirsten Barrett
  • Thomas Newman - "Carbon balance on a cultivated British lowland degraded peatland" (2017-) NERC CENTA  studentship. Joint supervision with Professor Sue Page
  • Andrea Hurtado Mendoza-Rosales - "Determining the effect of plant carbon allocation on the Climate-Carbon Cycle Feedback through variational Data Assimilation (2012 - ) Studentship of CONACYT, Mexico. Joint supervision with Professor Heiko Balzter

Completed students

  • Mohammed Ozigis - "Detection and Mapping of Terrestrial Oil Spill Impact Using Remote Sensing Data in Combination with Machine Learning Methods. A Case Site within the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria." (2016 - 2020). Studentship of the PTDF Nigeria. Joint supervision with Dr Claire Jarvis
  • Hamisu Isah - "Influence of Climate on Animal Diseases in Nigeria: A Case Study of Fascioliasis gigantica in Sokoto state" (2015 - 2018). Joint supervision with Professor Heiko Balzter
  • Alexander Cumming - "Carbon balance on a cultivated British lowland peatland" (2014-2018) - NERC studentship Joint supervision with Professor Sue Page
  • Yahaya Ibraim - "Vegetation and land cover change in the context of land degradation in Sub-Saharan West Africa" (2013 - 2016) - joint supervision with Professor Heiko Balzter
  • Gong Pan - “Fenflux: The short term climate response of carbon dioxide and water fluxes from a regenerating peatland” (2011 - 2016) - University of Leicester Studentship
  • Umar Bibi - “Evaluating the Impact of future oil exploitation in North-eastern Nigeria using land surface modelling” (2009-2013) - Studentship of the PTDF Nigeria (with Heiko Balzter)
  • Daniel Smith "Biosphere growth patterns and their impact on carbon fluxes from boreal forest fire dynamics" (2005-2008) - NERC CASE Studentship. With Professor Heiko Balzter and Professor Martin Wooster, Kings College London
  • Egbe Eguavoen - "Modelling Land cover and Land use change in Edo & Delta states, Nigeria" (2001-2005) - joint supervision with Professor Andrew Millington, Texas A&M

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