Pastures, Conservation and Climate Action, Mongolia

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Caroline Upton attended a trip to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in March, where, together with her local partners the Mongolian Society for Range Management (MSRM), she led a high profile meeting at the Mongolian Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism.
Pastures, Conservation and Climate Action, Mongolia

Ambassador’s Reception: British Ambassador to Mongolia Catherine Arnold, with project team members.

This event, attended by government ministers, policy makers, community organisations and representatives from a range of donor organisations, highlighted the new conservation, livelihood and climate change initiative developed by Caroline and MSRM and now being rolled out across Mongolia. With support from Darwin Initiative funding, the team has worked with herders’ community organisations to develop locally relevant strategies for supporting herders’ traditional environmental knowledges and practices, whilst simultaneously enhancing carbon sequestration in grasslands.  The scheme is a first for Mongolia and is being widely supported by key policy actors and attracting considerable media interest. Further support was evident from the British Ambassador to Mongolia, who hosted an evening reception for the project, with some 100 invited guests from across the scientific, business, civil society and policy communities.

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