Evolving GIScience Workshop

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A workshop to celebrate the life and work of Pete Fisher 14th & 15th July 2015 , University of Leicester, UK
Evolving GIScience Workshop

Professor Pete Fisher

The University of Leicester will be hosting a workshop to celebrate the life and work of Professor Peter Fisher, who passed away in May 2014. Pete was a fantastic colleague, a mentor to many and was deeply loved and respected by all those he worked with.

A 2-day meeting has been organised and we invite submission of 500 word abstracts describing current research on any topic within GI Science. Pete’s research covered many areas: uncertainty, visualisation, cartography, land cover, remote sensing, interpolation and fuzzy sets. He wrote in a unique style:  beautifully constructed (Sorites Paradox), sometimes didactic (The Pixel: snare or delusion), sometimes bemused (Where is Helvellyn?), always elegantly argued and often reflecting strong concerns (Geoslavery). For these reasons it would be churlish to limit submissions to a specific set of topics. Rather the aim is to attract high quality submission on current and important topics within GI Science. A special issue in IJGIS will be put together with selected contributions.

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