Researchers from across Europe gather at Leicester to learn about forest and land cover monitoring from satellites

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Satellite methods for monitoring forest and land cover were the focus of an international workshop at the University of Leicester attended by researchers from Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Greece, Austria, Nepal, Netherlands, Uganda, Russia, Canada and South Africa.

The European Centre of Excellence in Earth Observation Research Training, GIONET, hosted the group for its second summer school over 10 days in September. The programme included lectures, seminar discussions and computer practicals on issues of using satellite data to map and monitor the land surface, as well as a visit to the National Space Centre.

CLCR Launch

On the final day of the summer school, the researchers joined the official launch event of the new Centre for Landscape and Climate Research by its Director, Prof. Heiko Balzter and the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sir Robert Burgess. Speakers at this event included Prof Nick Veck from Astrium Geo, Mr. Ian Davidson from the European Environmental Agency, Prof. Richard Harding from Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (UK), Dr. Markus Jochum , coordinator of GEOLAND 2 from Astrium Geo (Germany), .Dr. Hugh Mortimer from Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (UK), Dr. Eleanor Milne (Colorado State University) and several others.

Professor Heiko Balzter, convenor of the summer school, said: "The European Earth Observation programme called GMES requires skilled researchers who know how to turn satellite data into useful information for policy makers, agencies and companies. The University of Leicester provides such training to its research students as part of their training. It was a real pleasure to engage with the GIONET summer school participants over the last two weeks. Over half of the participants were from outside the GIONET centre, and networking events like this one are very important for early-stage researchers. They were very bright students, and reflected critically on the process of deriving information from space.

The course was taught by recognised international experts:
Dr. Francesco Sarti from the European Space Agency, Dr. Zof Stott from the National Centre for Earth Observation, Prof. Christianne Schmullius from the FSU University in Jena (Germany), Prof. Katarzyna Dabrowska Zielinska from Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (Poland), Dr. Tazio Strozzi from Gamma Remote Sensing (Switzerland), Dr. Elisabeth Schoepfer from DLR- German Aerospace Center,  Dr. Sarah Brown and Mr Alistair Lamb from Astrium Geo and Dr. Geoff Smith from SpectoNatura (UK)

Next year’s third GIONET summer school will be held in Warsaw, Poland, in September 2013. Follow the web site for more information:

GIONET is funded by the European Commission, Marie Curie Programme, Initial Training Networks, Grant Agreement number PITN-GA-2010-264509

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