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The University of Leicester has appointed Professor Richard Harding as honorary professor in the Centre for Landscape and Climate Research and the Department of Geography.

Professor Harding is Director of Biogeochemistry at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) based at Wallingford, Oxon. His research includes soil moisture, meteorological and evaporation measurements in India, Africa, North America and over Europe. In recent years he has concentrated on studies measuring and modelling fluxes of water and carbon dioxide from land surfaces. More recently Professor Harding established and co-ordinated a European Union Integrated Programme for Water and Global Change (FP6 WATCH). This programme integrates research from the different disciplines of hydrology, water resources and climate, analysing, quantifying and predicting components of current and future global water cycles, and the related water resources. In the last five years Professor Harding has had extensive interactions with the University of Leicester – with jointly funded PhD studentships and research contracts. Joint research over the past years has focussed on the greenhouse gas emissions from lowland fenland is East Anglia.

Professor Harding is married and has a teenage daughter. He is passionate about environmental issues, gardening and cricket (in no particular order!).

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