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Clare Madge has been awarded a funded three year PhD Studentship in Human Geography by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) doctoral programme.

The project title is ‘Internationalisation of British Higher Education and social media: Academic identities, transnational socialisation and engaged pedagogic practice.’ The underlying interest in this studentship is to explore the variegated pedagogic uses of social media by a differentiated group of postgraduate international students in the British Higher Education sector. This work is imperative given the staggering growth in the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and their entwinement in everyday life in 2012 and is particularly significant at this ‘moment’ in time as the landscape of British Higher Education is undergoing significant political changes. So the underlying interest in the studentship is to bridge the gap in the technology literature on the international postgraduate student experience and in the internationalisation literature on the role that social media play in contemporary pedagogic practices.

Additionally, in thinking about the way that we think about internationalisation and pedagogy, the studentship will contribute to theoretical and policy debates about these important concepts. The notion of ‘engaged pedagogy’ will be employed whereby pedagogy will not simply be thought of in terms of teaching practices in relation to international students, but rather a more ‘layered’ approach will be taken that considers the discourses, power hierarchies and complex geographical, historical, political, economic and cultural relations and conditions ‘beyond the classroom walls’ that shape international students’ experiences with respect to social media.

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