Environmental Justice: Issues, Theories and Policies

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During Semester two, twelve members from the BA Geography Department created a weekly blog highlighting contemporary environmental justice issues.

We all chose to study environmental geographies as it was a topic that we thoroughly enjoyed. This enthusiasm was reflected in our personal blogs, which we met as a group to discuss weekly. As the module progressed we felt that we looked forward to submitting our assignment. The recognition we received from ratings, lecturers, peers and the head of the Guardian Environment team spurred our morale, commitment and passion.

We feel that the blogs ameliorated our individual research, beliefs and writing skills. Although we were working individually, we found that discussing environmental issues within a group enhanced our learning experience. Each blog required a small word limit of 500 words each week; this has enabled us to improve our concise and qualitative analytical skills. We fully recommend this module due to the interesting format and full support of lecturers and hope that it continues for years to come.

If you want to visit our blog, follow the link below:

View the students presentation for the Contemporary Issues module

Environmental Geographies Group

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