'Bridging the Urban Rural Divide'

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Dr Martin Phillips and Dr Jen Dickie recently visited Kochi in southern India. This was a recce trip for a project being undertaken as part of the EPSRC’s India-UK collaborative research initiative ‘Bridging the Urban Rural Divide’ (BURD).
'Bridging the Urban Rural Divide'

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India 2
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The project, ‘Rural Hybrid Energy Enterprise Systems’ (RHEES), is being undertaken with Dr Claire Jarvis, Dr Lex Comber and Dr Kevin Tansey along with colleagues from other UK and Indian institutes.  It aims to investigate the potential of biomass and other renewable energy systems within rural areas in the UK and India.

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The visit to Kochi enabled the researchers from the project to assess the success (and failure) of different renewable technologies already implemented in rural India.  Amongst the systems we saw were solar heating

and photovoltaics (photos 1 and 2), wind turbines (photo 2) and small-scale anaerobic digesters (photo 3). One of the outcomes of the trip was the purchase of some small-scale anaerobic digesters and adapted cooking stoves (photo 4) from India that will be installed and tested to see if they are appropriate for use in rural communities in the UK.  The visit also allowed us

India 4
Photo 4

to see some interesting parts of Kerala state, including the Chinese fishing nets at Kochi (photo 5).     


If you would like to know more about this project, please contact Dr Jen

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Photo 5

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