18th Windy Day Meeting

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On Wednesday 17th October 2012, Dr Sue McLaren organised and convened the 18th Windy Day Research Meeting.

Over forty people from the aeolian research community from as far as South Africa and Serbia attended. There were four sessions throughout the day. The morning sessions were chaired by Professor Mark Bateman, University of Sheffield and Dr Mark Powell and included papers on dune luminescence chronologies in UAE, pattern and distribution of complex dune structures using residual relief separation in Central Saudi Arabia and averaging interval selection for the calculation of Reynolds shear stress for studies of boundary layer turbulence.

The afternoon sessions were chaired by Professor Andrew Goudie from the University of Oxford and Dr Nick Drake from King’s College. The keynote speaker, Professor Slobodan Markovic from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, presented a highly entertaining and informative talk on “One million years of aeolian dynamics recorded in the Serbian loess-palaeosol sequences“. Professor Slobodan Markovic’s attendance was kindly supported by the Department of Geography and the Centre for Landscape and Climate Research. The rest of the afternoon concentrated on various aspects of wind-blown dust and loess.

Thanks must go to Professor Sue Page, Professor Heiko Baltzer, Bill Hickin, Kerry Allen and Sylvia Holyoak for their support and aiding the smooth running of this meeting.

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