72% of Leicester Geography 2016 graduates receive a 1st or a 2.1 degree

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The Department of Geography at the University of Leicester is delighted to announce that 72% of our graduating cohort this year achieved a 1st and a 2.1 Honours degree. 22% of our graduates received a 2.2.

Professor Kevin Tansey, Head of Department, said, ‘I wish to congratulate our finalists for their hard work over the past three or four years that has resulted in the award of their degree. Our geographers should be extremely proud of their achievements that will hopefully provide the launch pad to an exciting and rewarding career. I look forward to congratulating our graduates in person on the 12th July at their graduation ceremony’.

Geography undergraduates at Leicester read for a 3 year programme or a 4 year programme that includes a year abroad in Europe, North America or Australia. Their programmes include a number of opportunities to study in the field in places like the Amazon rainforest, New York, Spain, Dartmoor and Corby. The University appoints External Examiners, senior academics from reputable UK institutions, to play a major role in ensuring the academic standards and awards of the University.

Professor Paul Hughes of the University of Southampton and External Examiner for our Bachelors of Science (BSc.) degree programmes said, ‘The programme at Leicester is really exciting and interesting. If I was choosing to study Physical Geography, I would certainly look at Leicester’.

Professor Anoop Nayak of Newcastle University and External Examiner for our Bachelors of Arts (BA) degree programmes said, ‘The creativity of work coming from Leicester’s human geographers should be celebrated. The quality of the student dissertation, in particular, shows a strong engagement with theoretical frameworks and critical methodologies’.

Professor Kevin Tansey, Head of Department, said, ‘Geographers can make significant contributions to a number of important issues that society is facing. These include climate change, globalisation, changing geo-political landscapes, development and sustainable futures. We are indebted to all the geography school teachers who generate interest within children. What does the future look like for our geographers? The answer is excellent. Our most recent data from the 2014 graduating cohort shows that 94% of graduates are now in work or further study. The percentage of graduates taking on managerial or senior positions 6 months after graduation in 2014 saw a huge 164% increase on the previous year. This positively reflects the leadership and managerial skills that students develop while studying the Department’s courses’.

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